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World of Dance in Philadelphia

WorldDance_Logo“A World of Dance in Philadelphia” is a multi-part series produced by MIND: Media Independence and independent producer Henry Nevison. which showcases eleven Philadelphia area dance companies. This Emmy-nominated series was created in collaboration with Dance/USA Philadelphia, the series’ eleven dance groups celebrate the history, diversity, and cultural significance of an extremely varied range of dance forms and presentations.

These programs reveal the “heart and soul” of each groups unique creative expression, cultural/ethnic origins, and the individuals who contribute.

Featured Companies:

Carbon Dance Theater 
Flamenco Ole
Illstyle & Peace Productions
Kun-Yang Lin
Miro Dance Theater
Racies Culturales Lationamericans
Tap Team Two & Company
Three Aksha Institute of Performing Arts
Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensembledance banner

This series was made possible in part by the William Penn Foundation.

A special thanks to our production partner Dance USA/Philadelphia.