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TV Channels

Watch MiND channels and programs on demand and live.


MiND’s Channel Lineup (Philadelphia Region, Channel 35):

35.1 – MiND: 5 minute programs along with independent and international news, documentaries, lifestyle and music specials.

35.2 – NHK World: Providing domestic and international news, arts and entertainment from Japan in English. 

35.3 – France24:  Covering international news and current events from a French perspective.

35.4 – RT: RT America provides an alternative perspective on major global events. 


Channel 35.1
  • Broadcast: 35.1
  • Comcast (20, 35, 98),
  • Cablevision (15, 23)
  • Verizon FiOS (35)
  • RCN (14)
  • DirecTV: 35
  • Dish Network: 35

MiND is a collection of original and community-submitted 5-minute programs. Programs focus on lifelong learning, community-participation, and social change. MiND also has favorites Democracy Now! Gay USA, AVS, Namaste America, Out of Ireland, Euromaxx, Greek Spirit!, and more.

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Channel 35.2
  • Broadcast: 35.2
  • Comcast (135, 265)
  • Cablevision (115)
  • Verizon FiOS (475)
  • DirecTV: 35-2

NHK is one of Japan’s most popular television networks. Watch programs about Japanese culture, lifestyles, history, and news about Asia and the world. And be sure to watch an hour of NHK World weekdays on channel 35.1 beginning at 7pm.

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Channel 35.3
  • Broadcast: 35.3
  • Comcast (134, 264)
  • Cablevision (116)
  • Verizon FiOS (477)

Broadcast live from Paris, FRANCE 24 gives a French perspective to international current events through diversity of opinions, debate and confrontation of viewpoints. The channel provides keys to understanding ever more complex events through in-depth analysis. FRANCE 24 puts also culture at the forefront of its programming.



Channel 35.4
  • Broadcast: 35.4
  • Comcast (133, 263)
  • Cablevision (117)
  • Verizon FiOS (478)

RT is a global news channel broadcasting 24/7 from its studios in Moscow and Washington to over 100 countries spread over five continents. With a global reach of over 430 million people RT news covers the major political, economic and cultural issues of our time, with supporting analysis and documentaries, for viewers wishing to question more.



We no longer carry MHZ Worldview. Please visit MHZ Choice for more information on how to watch MHZ programming.

Please note: MiND’s schedule may change without notice. MiND reserves the right to update our schedule at any time. The content MiND receives from our program suppliers may change without notice.