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MiND Boot Camp

red_crewMeet Our Instructor

megMeg Sarachan attended MiND’s very first bootcamp and was hooked! Despite having graduated from Brown University with a degree in German, she decided to intern for the station, and she now teaches at MiND’s Boot Camp. When she’s not devoting her time to public television, she freelances in video production around the city and also teaches at Temple University. In whatever time is leftover, she likes to tap dance.


MiND Boot Camp Testimonials

Since the MiND Boot Camp series began in 2008, we have proudly brought video production training to more than 200 attendees! Taught by our expert instructors, this day-long workshop provides a rich array of lessons for producers and video enthusiasts of all abilities. At MiND, we believe the power of the media belongs in the hands of the people. Come learn how to make your stories ready for TV!

Here’s what people are saying about the Boot Camp:

“Thank you! A session like this would typically cost a few hundred dollars to experience, so thank you for extending this invitation and making it so accessible.”

“The staff was clearly enthusiastic about doing this seminar. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into development of all the written materials and every verbal presentation.”

“The most helpful thing I learned was that editing takes time but it is doable. I’m pretty certain that I can make a nice-looking and sounding 5 minute video.”

“I have found an exceptional & supportive resource at MiND TV. I will be sure to tap into the many offerings at MiND TV to produce my own 5 minute program!”