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Jobs @ MiND

supportv2_SUPPORTThere are new job posts at MiND. All of these positions are contract jobs, not full time positions. If you are looking to join the team at MiND you should read over these positions carefully, then submit a resume and colorful cover letter to jobs @ independencemedia .org

  • We are seeking a Project Manager/Producer with lost of experience in producing video content and leading a team.
  • There is also a position for a Design focused Associate Producer. This person must be a master at Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and can edit when necessary in premier too.
  • The Editorial Associate Producer needs to be a traditional producer with superior writing and research skills. Experience in the field is highly preferred.
  • The Marketing/Learning Researcher is going to build at least two groups for community feedback. They will present materials to these groups, and analyze this data for presentation to the project development team.


Summer Opportunities @ MiND

Ever wonder how we do what we do? Do you think you could do it better?ID_chalkboard

MiND takes on lots of volunteers and supports students seeking internship experiences. With a minimum of just 2 days a week, we ask individuals to support our staff through research, content evaluation and creative writing projects. check out our listing HERE.

For our next year we are also seeking to hire a set of contract employees. We are seeking a Supervising Producer to lead a small team and serve as Project Manager. There are also two Associate Producer positions. One focused on Editorial aspects of our development and the other an expert in Graphics. Last is a Research expert who is able to pull results from traditional Marketing approaches as well as look at the project for it’s quality of Learning achieved.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please read the full job descriptions HERE.