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Transmission Outage – 1/25/15 to 1/30/15

125mindTo all our viewers,

On Sunday (1/25),  the transmission was interrupted by an equipment failure and the MiND channels went down. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and interruption in programming services.

For those who subscribe to Comcast and Verizon cable services, you are receiving a stream of back-up programming. This signal tends to be stable, but can have issues when internet is taxed.

The signal was restored on Friday (1/30) for all channels. Please re-scan if you are an over-the-air viewer still experiencing signal issues.

Thank you for your patience while we repaired the transmitter equipment.

Broadcasting on all providers

sponsor-mindThank you to all our viewers for patience. Yesterday evening, the MiND technology team was able to, for the moment, restore our broadcast signal and therefore all satellite and cable carriers. 

In the coming weeks we will have a short period of maintenance to reconfigure and replace some equipment, but that will be for less than one hour. 

To all those who reached out, thank you for letting us know that you are watching and that we matter to you.