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Thank You for Donating

Thank you for your support of Independence Media, home of MiND TV and other broadcast services.

While we are grateful for every donation, at this time we are no longer accepting charitable giving from our community.

In this calendar year, Independence Media will terminate its broadcast, cable, and satellite television services. Independence Media has broadcast on channel 35 since 1990 and has operated the MiND brand since 2008. Independence Media intends to develop a strategic plan to guide its future activities as a reinvented 501(c)3 organization. Work on this plan will begin immediately. 

It has been a privilege to present independent, minority related and international programs to the Philadelphia region. Independence Media will always work to connect communities, promote diversity, and encourage understanding.

We greatly appreciate your support over the years. Please continue to support the independent media outlets that still serve your community.

Update / Thank You for Your Help!

During the past two months, nearly 300 of our viewers have responded to our various requests for information about their relationship with MiND. We’ve learned a great deal, and we’re happy to share some of the highlights with you. There are several more telephone meetings scheduled, and the survey is still open, so there is still time to add your comments and participate in this important process.


Overall, there is no one “most popular” MiND channel. All of the channels available via broadcast and cable are equally popular: MiND’s 5-minute format, NHK World, France24, and RT. Our fifth channel, MHz Worldview, is not as popular because most people watch via cable, and this channel is available only over-the-air.




Most people are aware that the international channels are available via our television channels, and also via the internet. Our viewers appreciate the availability and of these channels as part of their cable channel package. Despite concerns about the cable television industry, few viewers watch over-the-air.


The other concerned that was frequently expressed: the domination of news and information by large media companies.. Many people commented about MiND’s channels and programs as an alternative.


Overall, the audience for this alternative programming remains quite small. The economics associated with small-scale, alternative public television are not promising. We are continuing to explore the potential of the upcoming FCC Spectrum Auction because it will likely provide significant opportunities for public service media organizations like Independence Media.


We encourage you to join us for our next round of public conversations scheduled for Friday, December 19th at 11am and 4pm.  In the case of a large response, overflow calls will be scheduled for 2pm that same day or 11:30am the following Tuesday (December 23rd). If you would like to join us, or set up a time to discuss the issues one-on-one, please email with your name, zip code, and preferred call time or message.


Thank you, and enjoy a wonderful holiday season. Our community is grateful for your support.


Howard Blumenthal
Independence Media

France 24 Update!

Dear Viewers,
MiND: Media Independence is happy to bring you France 24 on broadcast channel 35.3. For the past week the channel has been operating in a temporary mode while we fix a satellite antenna problem. Many viewers are having audio issues with this stream, and we apologize for the inconvenience. This temporary delivery method carries only mono audio through the right channel. If your method of receiving the programming is via DT Tuner, please ensure that you have your wires properly connected to receive Mono programming. The red plug should be in the red port, and the white plug should be in the white port.

If you would like more information on France 24 please visit