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Roz Benton: Trunkful of Memories

Roz Benton helps senior citizens stay sharp by sharing stories and music with them through her program, ATrunkful of Memories. She brings a trunk full of props that help her tell her stories and awaken memories.

Have you Played The “A” Game?

In May 2013 MiND launched The “A” Game, a 30 minute game geared toward middle school students. Made possible by a grant from the Wyncote Foundation, The “A” Game can be downloaded as an app for any platform. Create your own avatar and give it a try!

Download The “A” Game

This game reinforces the importance of a high school education by incorporating video with game questions and together add points toward your projected life goal. Will you stick to your education? Will you earn enough to live in the mansion or the castle?

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Do you know knowledge of Africa or South America with MiND Games: