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What is Spectrum Repacking?

Still wondering what “FCC broadcast spectrum repacking” really means? Me too! There are so many things happening in the electromagnetic frequency. Take a look at this simplified overview:

Radio-frequency-pictureimage credit:

And here’s a spiffy animation that PBS created to help us all understand a little better.

Jobs @ MiND

supportv2_SUPPORTThere are new job posts at MiND. All of these positions are contract jobs, not full time positions. If you are looking to join the team at MiND you should read over these positions carefully, then submit a resume and colorful cover letter to jobs @ independencemedia .org

  • We are seeking a Project Manager/Producer with lost of experience in producing video content and leading a team.
  • There is also a position for a Design focused Associate Producer. This person must be a master at Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and can edit when necessary in premier too.
  • The Editorial Associate Producer needs to be a traditional producer with superior writing and research skills. Experience in the field is highly preferred.
  • The Marketing/Learning Researcher is going to build at least two groups for community feedback. They will present materials to these groups, and analyze this data for presentation to the project development team.


Celebrate Japan!

Spring is finally here and it’s time for everything to bloom into life! Nothing is more spectacular than the Japanese cherry blossoms trees. In fact in cities around the United States there are Cherry Blossom Festivals reminiscent of the ancient Japanese tradition of Hanami, or Sakura.

Check out this MiND TV program featuring festival performances from Sakura Sunday 2012.

MHz/WorldView Update

It was completely rebuilt the PSIP table for that channel, as something was cached in our system throwing some tuners off. This was an intermittent problem with specific makes/models of tuners.

After the rebuild those tuners have been working correctly. If you were previously having trouble, try again. If you continue to have problems, e-mail


MHz/WV (35.5) and RT (35.4)

Hello MiND TV Viewers! Just a few MiND Technology updates:

A quick note– we wanted to let you know that our MHz WorldView feed on channel 35.5 has finally been fixed. The equipment was installed last week and became active yesterday. We shouldn’t have any more problems with the programming disruptions we had previously.

Also, we’ve fixed the aspect ratio problems that were occurring on RT.

Thanks again for your continued feedback!

France 24 Update!

Dear Viewers,
MiND: Media Independence is happy to bring you France 24 on broadcast channel 35.3. For the past week the channel has been operating in a temporary mode while we fix a satellite antenna problem. Many viewers are having audio issues with this stream, and we apologize for the inconvenience. This temporary delivery method carries only mono audio through the right channel. If your method of receiving the programming is via DT Tuner, please ensure that you have your wires properly connected to receive Mono programming. The red plug should be in the red port, and the white plug should be in the white port.

If you would like more information on France 24 please visit