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Independence Media is proud to release the first three pilot episodes of a new internet series called MiNDWORKS. Using puppets, songs, expert interviews, sketches, and more, MiNDWORKS was created to encourage adults to think more clearly, to apply critical thinking to important issues.

These three episodes ask provocative questions:

  • What will you take from your grandparents and give to your grandchildren?
  • Will we eradicate global poverty in our lifetime?
  • Do we produce too many-or too few-college graduates?

Today, we are releasing the pilot programs within a web-based interface ( and we are releasing all of the individual video segments on YouTube.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Charles Ireland (

We hope you will watch and enjoy these pilot programs. Your comments will help us to move forward with the next MiNDWORKS programs in the future.

Howard Blumenthal
Executive Producer, MiNDWORKS
CEO, Independence Media

A Walk through Wales: Pembrokeshire

Take a journey on Pembrokeshire Walk with MiND TV CEO Howard Blumenthal. Wales is the only country in the world where you can walk the entire perimeter of the island.

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