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Recommended: SquashSmarts

Balancing the demands of school can be hard students no matter what their situation, but for some kids it’s really important to get help. SquashSmarts combines the sport of Squash with academic tutoring and mentoring of under-served urban youth. Check out this program to learn about what they do for their community and especially the students.

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Recommended: Getting Ready for High School

It’s the end of the summer and for the class of 2017. This was made in conjunction with The A Game, sponsored in part by the Wyncote Foundation. For more information on The A Game, visit

RECOMMENDED VIDEO: The Importance of Higher Education with the College Access Center

Check out this great video highlighting the College Access Center, an organization dedicated to helping students prepare for and attain higher education. This video was produced for The ‘A’ Game to introduce students to the many resources available in their community to help them succeed in life. We recommend everyone check out the College Access Center and also enjoy watching this video!!