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Protect Public Media

Protect Public Media

MiND: Media Independence is a proud member of the public media community. We are all reaching out to our constituents and encouraging you to speak up for all public media. Congress continues to threaten funding for these valuable organizations. So if you care enough to read this message, please take the time to contact your representative and make a statement on behalf of Public Media everywhere.

To find your Congressperson in the US House of Representatives, visit

  • More than half of all Americans use public media every month. 170 million Americans connect through 368 public television stations, 934 public radio stations, hundreds of online services, and in-person events and activities.

  • Public broadcasting is one of the most effective public/private partnerships in America. Annual federal funding amounts to only $1.35 per American and is leveraged by local stations to raise six times that amount from other sources.

  • Public broadcasting supports lifelong learning for all Americans. Investments in children’s educational, cultural, public affairs and news programming, digital classroom resources, teacher training, and distance learning have made public broadcasting a leader in lifelong learning.

  • Public broadcasting strengthens our democracy. The free flow of ideas and debate helps us participate in the political process as informed citizens.

What are Your Civil Rights?

What are YOUR civil rights? This very basic question is for some very hard to answer.

They are the inherent rights belonging to an individual, especially those guaranteed by the US constitution, amendments, and subsequent acts of congress. They include civil liberties, due process, equal protection of laws, and freedom from discrimination.

Watch this program to learn more about Civil Rights.