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What is Spectrum Repacking?

Still wondering what “FCC broadcast spectrum repacking” really means? Me too! There are so many things happening in the electromagnetic frequency. Take a look at this simplified overview:

Radio-frequency-pictureimage credit:

And here’s a spiffy animation that PBS created to help us all understand a little better.

Explaining the FCC Spectrum Auction

FCC_LOGO_2What is all this business about the FCC Incentive Auction? I hope we can clear up some of the confusion and give you a basic understanding of what’s going to happen in the upcoming year or so.

It’s ultimately about making more room for mobile data in the limited amount of radio frequency spectrum (RF Spectrum). TV, Radio, Cell Phone Data, Police and Fire communications, and so many more things take up the limited amount of RF spectrum that are all around us.

It is the job of the FCC to manage this space as a public good, making sure that it is used for what our society really needs and wants. Public Safety, News, Music, Broadcast TV, and more and more MOBILE DATA.

The upcoming auction is just a part of the plan. After the results of the TV auction, then there will be re-packing. So much like in the digital transition, there will be a re-organizing of channels and they will get new numbers. This video should help explain all of this…

Created by PBS.

If you have questions about the spectrum auction, you can get lots of information at the FCC website!

Thank you for watching MiND TV.

Broadcasting on all providers

sponsor-mindThank you to all our viewers for patience. Yesterday evening, the MiND technology team was able to, for the moment, restore our broadcast signal and therefore all satellite and cable carriers. 

In the coming weeks we will have a short period of maintenance to reconfigure and replace some equipment, but that will be for less than one hour. 

To all those who reached out, thank you for letting us know that you are watching and that we matter to you.


Technical Difficulties for MiND TV

125mindDear Viewers,

Thank you for watching MiND and it’s partner channels, NHK, France 24, RT and MHz Worldview (for those broadcast viewers). Yesterday at about 2 PM we experienced an equipment failure that knocked us off the air. The technology team jumped into action and we were able to activate a back-up solution for subscribers to Comcast and Verizon.

For those viewers watching MiND channels over the air, on DirecTV, Dish, RCN or CableVision, we are still unavailable. We continue to work hard to correct the issue and return to full distribution ASAP. Please be patient while we correct the problem.

Again, thank you for your dedication to MiND, your support of our programming and mission. We will be back on the air as soon as possible.

Thank you.

MHz/WorldView Update

It was completely rebuilt the PSIP table for that channel, as something was cached in our system throwing some tuners off. This was an intermittent problem with specific makes/models of tuners.

After the rebuild those tuners have been working correctly. If you were previously having trouble, try again. If you continue to have problems, e-mail