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MiND Documentaries
Media Independence 2 months ago

Catch docs on weeknights starting from 8pm to 1am and on weekends from 4pm to 1am.… Read More

Independence Media To Become Foundation
Media Independence 3 months ago

Here's the latest from Independence Media. __Independence Media will use the $131.5… Read More

MiND TV's Carriage of NHK (35.2) Ends on Sept. 30, 2017
Media Independence 3 weeks ago

MiND TV has presented NHK World to the Philadelphia region since 2009. This channel is ric… Read More


MiNDWORKS: Conversation on Immigration

This is a thoughtful conversation between the characters at the MiNDWORK. Our tumultuous American history gives the cafe characters a foundation for varying perspectives. Immigrations is not new, it is evolving and it is controversial. The … [Read more]


The Vikings are known for the creation of the first naval vessels capable of traversing seas of the nordic, mediterranean and then the oceans. They built different ships for different purposes and for hundreds of years, they colonized as well as … [Read more]

Snow Closure @ MiND

The MiND offices are closed to the public today. With a snow emergency throughout the area we encourage all our viewership to stay warm and safe today. … [Read more]


Independence Media is proud to release the first three pilot episodes of a new internet series called MiNDWORKS. Using puppets, songs, expert interviews, sketches, and more, MiNDWORKS was created to encourage adults to think more clearly, to apply … [Read more]

Voloshky! Ukrainian Dance in Philadelphia

For decades the Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has performed, educated, and kept alive the tradition of Ukrainian dance. It was the pleasure of MiND TV to capture this story to share it with you. We look forward to seeing Voloshky perform again, … [Read more]

We’re Back!

Thanks to all our viewers for their patience and understanding. We have patched up the transmitter and we are back on broadcast! It was a difficult time for our engineering team and we are all thankful for the resourceful nature of our staff.It … [Read more]