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Watch Democracy Now!
Media Independence 1 month ago

To Our Loyal Viewership,So many of you have called in to specifically express your co… Read More

WYBE Continues MiND 35.1
Media Independence 3 weeks ago

Despite previous notices regarding termination of broadcast, WYBE Channel 35.1, will conti… Read More

WYBE TX Restored
Media Independence 2 weeks ago

The WYBE transmission was restored by the diligent engineering expertise! At 1 PM on Thurs… Read More


Independence Media To Become Foundation

Here's the latest from Independence Media. __Independence Media will use the $131.5 million received from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Broadcast Incentive Auction to carry out its charitable and educational mission by making … [Read more]

Thank You for Donating

Thank you for your support of Independence Media, home of MiND TV and other broadcast services.While we are grateful for every donation, at this time we are no longer accepting charitable giving from our community.In this calendar year, … [Read more]

Why is WYBE going off air?

-- 1 -- Extreme weather and Broadcast Transmission From time to time, and especially in extreme heat conditions, WYBE is forced to turn down broadcast. We are able to deliver backups to subscribers of Comcast, Verizon and Service Electric. These … [Read more]

Independence Media – Relinquishing WYBE

Independence Media will receive a one-time payment of $131.5 million from the FCC in exchange for the WYBE license. As part of the Broadcast Incentive Auction, the FCC is purchasing licenses from broadcasters to make spectrum available for wireless … [Read more]

MiNDWORKS: Conversation on Immigration

This is a thoughtful conversation between the characters at the MiNDWORK. Our tumultuous American history gives the cafe characters a foundation for varying perspectives. Immigrations is not new, it is evolving and it is controversial. The … [Read more]


The Vikings are known for the creation of the first naval vessels capable of traversing seas of the nordic, mediterranean and then the oceans. They built different ships for different purposes and for hundreds of years, they colonized as well as … [Read more]