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On the Other Side of the Fence

Thank you for your wonderful support! The 30th Anniversary documentary “On the Other Side of the Fence” is now complete! But the work has just begun—the documentary is the first big step in what promises to be an exciting, ongoing project.

We suggest that you watch the program with friends and family members. It’s an emotional experience that should be shared.

“On the Other Side of the Fence” is an educational documentary about the acclaimed metaphorical musical of the same name. The film engages and challenges audience members, and addresses intolerance by telling a story that children and adults can easily understand.

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the debut performance of this musical, a unique partnership between the staff, faculty and children of  Philadelphia’s HMS School for Children for Cerebral Palsy and the Germantown Friends School of Philadelphia.

On behalf of the creative team—documentary producer-director Henry Nevison and composer-lyricist-stage director & music therapist Andrea Green, MiND is proud to bring this important work to the Philadelphia region, and to other public TV stations throughout the country. (In fact, the documentary is already popular outside the U.S.—this summer’s European debut was a wonderful confirmation of our efforts.)

The Work Has Just Begun:
“On the Other Side of the Fence” is a Philadelphia story that resonates with audiences throughout the nation and the world. Your donation makes it possible for more children, more teachers, more parents, more administrators and more community members to experience the power of this story, and to sharpen the important discussion about ending intolerance, and celebrating the achievements of children.

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