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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service issues related to purchases?
Please call 215-483-3900 or

Problems receiving any of MiND’s channels?
Please email the following information to the time and date of the occurrence(s), whether you are watching over the air or via cable or satellite, the name of your cable or satellite provider (if any), and your zip code, your name, and your contact information if we need to reach you for further information. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every question or request, but we do appreciate the feedback and, often, viewers can see problems that we do not see in our facility.

MiND: Media Independence welcomes viewer input. Your feedback is very important to us. Due to the high volume of inquiries we receive and limited capacity to respond, we may be unable to respond to your questions individually at this time. Please know, however, that all feedback will be noted.


General Programming Questions

Where can I watch MiND, FRANCE 24, or RT?
In the Greater Philadelphia area, you can receive all of the MiND channels over the air on the following channels:

Channel 35.1
  • Broadcast TV: CH 35.1
  • Comcast: 20, 35, 98
  • Direct TV: 35
  • Verizon FIOS: 35
  • Cablevision: 15, 23
  • Dish Network: 35
  • RCN: 14



Channel 35.3
  • Broadcast TV: CH 35.3
  • Comcast: 134, 264
  • Verizon FiOS: 477
  • Cablevision: 116




Channel 35.4
  • Broadcast TV: CH 35.4
  • Comcast: 133, 263
  • Cablevision: 117





For up-to-date listings on cable and satellite, please contact your specific provider. If your provider does not carry our channels, please tell them you want to watch MiND!

Are any of these channels available on satellite?

You can watch MiND on DISH and DirecTV Channel 35.

Where can I find the program schedules for MiND’s channels?

All of our schedules are available  on our “Channels” page. Schedules are also available on and

MiND’s 5-minute format is so different. Is MiND still public television?

Yes, MiND is different, but MiND is member-supported, public television. In fact, MiND is one of a small number of independent, non-PBS, non-commercial stations in the United States.

How can I get a copy of a program seen on MiND?

MiND does not have the authority to resell programs.

What happened to the show I watch? I don’t see it in the schedule anymore. Will you re-air it?

Please check the program schedule. Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to individual viewer requests with regard to scheduling of specific programs.

How do I get a transcript of a show?

MiND does not provide transcripts of the programs it airs. Please conduct an internet search and contact the producer/distributor of the program.

How can I contact the producer of a program?

Please check for contact information at the end of the program. If the program welcomes viewer inquiries, a phone number, website address or e-mail address will be provided. You may also conduct an internet search for this information. Many programs have their own websites.

Why are your television listings sometimes incorrect?

We reserve the right to make program scheduling changes at any time. If a change has been made at the last minute, our television listings may be inaccurate. The most accurate listings can be found on our website. For accurate listings, you may also check and

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Technical Questions

How do I report a technical problem?

Please e-mail Please be as specific as possible with your email. Please indicate your provider, detailed description of incident, time of day, location you are reporting from, and your name and contact information. We cannot respond to all reports, nor fix all technical difficulties immediately, but all reports will be noted.

Why are MiND audio levels different between programs and different from other stations?

We receive our programs from many different sources and while we do our best to provide consistent audio levels, we do not control the sources of these programs, which may be inconsistent. We have invested in equipment and processes to eliminate much of the problem.

Sometimes, MiND channels do not work properly. Why?

Unlike analog television, digital television offers “all or nothing”. That means that when there are reception problems, the video drops out and becomes pixilated and the audio breaks up. There are many factors that cause signal degradation and reception problems. Sometimes having your antenna near an area in your house where pipes run can cause the signal to drop. Luckily sometimes the remedy to these problems is as easy as repositioning the antenna. Try aiming your antenna towards the Roxborough/Philadelphia area to improve reception. In some cases a roof-mount antenna is the best solution, as it’s less likely to experience interference. Lack of video or audio can be caused from reception problems. Please see our section on pixelated video and distorted audio for troubleshooting reception problems. Usually this occurs when tower work has to be completed at our transmitter site, or during times when we are doing maintenance to improve our over-the-air signal. If you notice that there is a black picture with a full signal and there are no announcements on our website, please e-mail and report the problem. Again, please be very specific:

I have two DT tuners/converter boxes in my house. One works perfectly and the other does not. What is the problem?

Many reception problems are due to antenna placement. If you’re experiencing reception problems, adjust your antenna. If you continue to have problems, check the DT tuner/converter box. Apparently, some digital tuners/converters operate better than others. Unfortunately there is no standard on components or protocol handling of DT tuners, and it’s up to the individual manufacturers to include error detection/handling in regards to the digital tuner and how it receives the digital signal.

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Producer/Distributor Questions

How do I submit a program to MiND?

MiND is no longer accepting new content from the community.


Does MiND accept half hour or hour-long programs?

MiND TV is no longer accepting new programming.

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