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Voloshky! Ukrainian Dance in Philadelphia

For decades the Voloshky Ukrainian Dance Ensemble has performed, educated, and kept alive the tradition of Ukrainian dance. It was the pleasure of MiND TV to capture this story to share it with you. We look forward to seeing Voloshky perform again, but until then, check out this video to learn a little more about what they have accomplished.

We’re Back!

Thanks to all our viewers for their patience and understanding. We have patched up the transmitter and we are back on broadcast! It was a difficult time for our engineering team and we are all thankful for the resourceful nature of our staff.

It is no secret that it is quite a challenge for us to compete technologically and financially. Independence Media provides 4 broadcast streams as well as local community services on a fraction of the resources a typical broadcaster utilizes.

We have noted all the calls and messages that were received over the eight day period. It is understandable that viewers were frustrated and expressed that sentiment in a variety of ways. Others gave messages of support and admiration. We are very aware of our place in some viewers hearts.

Thank you for your patience.

MiND TV Outage Update

An Update to our loyal viewership:

We apologize for the continued service interruption. The WYBE transmission equipment continues to be out of service awaiting specialized engineering services on Monday. The necessary equipment will be available at that time and we are hopeful for a resolution early in the week. The tertiary backup streams continue to feed Comcast and Verizon viewers.

MiND ON DEMAND carries all three international program streams as well as Democracy Now and AVS!

We are very sorry for the issues depriving viewers of the programs they love. Thank you for your supportive messages and patience during this time.

Off Air Notice – Feb. 12, 2017

To our loyal viewership:

We apologize for the service interruption. The WYBE primary and backup transmission equipment broke down on Sunday afternoon. While backup streams enable Comcast and Verizon viewers to receive signals, many over-the-air and satellite viewers are without channels today.

Our engineers are working to find a logical solution for the repair of the aged systems. The only technology that the station has available is senescent. We will employ every reasonable effort to timely repair of this equipment, but at this time the estimated time to repair is unknown. We will post with details as soon as a timeline is known.

For those looking to keep up with some of our favorite channels and programming, you can look here: MiND ON DEMAND.


MiND Snow Day!

The offices of MiND are closed today.
Please stay in and watch some great programming on one of the great channels from MiND: Media Independence!

Join us! CAB meeting 2/15 @ 12pm

Please join us for a meeting of the Community Advisory Board.

Wednesday February 15th, 12 pm
441 N 5th St., Ste. 200
Philadelphia, PA 19123

This meeting is open to the public.
This group meets to discuss the programming goals established by the station and the services provided by the station. If you would like to join the discussion, please RSVP so we can be sure to have enough luncheon to nourish the group.