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Thank You for Donating

Thank you for your support of Independence Media, home of MiND TV and other broadcast services.

While we are grateful for every donation, at this time we are no longer accepting charitable giving from our community.

In this calendar year, Independence Media will terminate its broadcast, cable, and satellite television services. Independence Media has broadcast on channel 35 since 1990 and has operated the MiND brand since 2008. Independence Media intends to develop a strategic plan to guide its future activities as a reinvented 501(c)3 organization. Work on this plan will begin immediately. 

It has been a privilege to present independent, minority related and international programs to the Philadelphia region. Independence Media will always work to connect communities, promote diversity, and encourage understanding.

We greatly appreciate your support over the years. Please continue to support the independent media outlets that still serve your community.

Why is WYBE going off air?

— 1 — Extreme weather and Broadcast Transmission

From time to time, and especially in extreme heat conditions, WYBE is forced to turn down broadcast. We are able to deliver backups to subscribers of Comcast, Verizon and Service Electric. These broadcast turndowns are necessary to repair and protect our equipment from irreparable damage.

— 2 — More on the FCC Spectrum Auction

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the Broadcast Incentive Auction here is another explainer produced by CPB in 2015. It is important to understand that this process began with the 2010 proposal of the National Broadband Plan, which was passed by the Legislature in 2012. The choice to participate at all, channel share or relinquish was made in 2015 by the governing body of each organization operating an FCC license. The Independence Media press release can be found here.


Independence Media – Relinquishing WYBE

Independence Media will receive a one-time payment of $131.5 million from the FCC in exchange for the WYBE license. As part of the Broadcast Incentive Auction, the FCC is purchasing licenses from broadcasters to make spectrum available for wireless broadband use.

Independence Media will terminate its broadcast, cable, and satellite television services after the FCC distributes the proceeds to television stations across the country. Independence Media broadcasts on channel 35 and operates on cable systems as MiND.  Independence Media, a nonprofit corporation, will remain in operation.

For more from Independence media, please see the PRESS RELEASE.

And for more comments from Independence Media, see the article from

MiNDWORKS: Conversation on Immigration

This is a thoughtful conversation between the characters at the MiNDWORK. Our tumultuous American history gives the cafe characters a foundation for varying perspectives. Immigrations is not new, it is evolving and it is controversial. The conversations end is open. You can make your own conclusion.

MiNDWORKS is no ordinary cafe. It’s one of the few places on the internet where knowledge and beliefs are respected as equals. You’ll find the regulars in the cafe, and sometimes, we’re joined by visitors and experts. It’s all live now at



The Vikings are known for the creation of the first naval vessels capable of traversing seas of the nordic, mediterranean and then the oceans. They built different ships for different purposes and for hundreds of years, they colonized as well as raided all over Europe. The characters at MiNDWORKS gave a go at telling this story, and here it is!


Independence Media is proud to release the first three pilot episodes of a new internet series called MiNDWORKS. Using puppets, songs, expert interviews, sketches, and more, MiNDWORKS was created to encourage adults to think more clearly, to apply critical thinking to important issues.

These three episodes ask provocative questions:

  • What will you take from your grandparents and give to your grandchildren?
  • Will we eradicate global poverty in our lifetime?
  • Do we produce too many-or too few-college graduates?

Today, we are releasing the pilot programs within a web-based interface ( and we are releasing all of the individual video segments on YouTube.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Charles Ireland (

We hope you will watch and enjoy these pilot programs. Your comments will help us to move forward with the next MiNDWORKS programs in the future.

Howard Blumenthal
Executive Producer, MiNDWORKS
CEO, Independence Media