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WYBE TX Restored

The WYBE transmission was restored by the diligent engineering expertise! At 1 PM on Thursday 11/2 the outage was ended and channels were transmitting with 100% power.

Please be advised that today is still a termination date for select services.

35.1 MiND: Media Independence continues to air international documentaries, news, kids and more on the primary channel, MiND TV.

35.2 NHK is on NJTV. Please check your local listings to see if you get NJTV, Ch 23

35.3 France 24 was picked up by WLVT. Again, please check your listings to see if you get WLVT services in your area.

35.4 RT is no longer available on broadcast, but streams on the internet.

Thanks to all our viewers and supporters who have reached out in the past weeks to make sure we know how special this programming is for the community.


WYBE Continues MiND 35.1

Despite previous notices regarding termination of broadcast, WYBE Channel 35.1, will continue. Below is the channel lineup going forward.

  • MiND: Media Independence will continue to broadcast over the air as well as on Cable and Satellite.
  • NHK is available in the NJTV region.
  • France 24 is now on WLVT 39.3. WYBE Simulcast will end on November 3rd.
  • RT will end on November 3rd 2017.


MiND TV’s Carriage of NHK (35.2) Ends on Sept. 30, 2017

MiND TV has presented NHK World to the Philadelphia region since 2009. This channel is rich with global news and entertaining, informative original programs from Japan. Sadly, NHK will end broadcast on WYBE 35.2 on September 30, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

But there is good news! On Oct. 1, 2017, NHK will move to its new home at NJTV on channel 23.2.

If you get NHK over the air, you should still be able to get it via channel 23.2 when it launches on Oct. 1st. Here’s a link to NJTV’s coverage map. Click on the map to see a detailed view of your location coverage. If you get NJTV’s primary channel 23, you will get channel 23.2. If not, and you live in the coverage area, you may need a stronger (roof) antenna to pull in the digital signal.

NHK will remain on Comcast 265. We’re waiting to see if the channel number for FIOS 475 will remain the same. NHK will also be carried on Dish and Direct TV.

NHK World is also available via their website and smartphones and tablets via app.


Independence Media To Become Foundation

Here’s the latest from Independence Media.


Independence Media will use the $131.5 million received from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Broadcast Incentive Auction to carry out its charitable and educational mission by making grants initially in the Philadelphia region to other exempt organizations that are using media and new technologies to connect communities, promote diversity and encourage understanding. Independence Media expects to begin awarding grants no later than early 2019.

“By becoming a foundation, our board believes Independence Media can increase its impact on the Philadelphia area,” said Rene DeGeorge Smith, chair of the Independence Media Board of Directors. “We take the responsibility of investing and deploying more than $131 million very seriously and will be careful with our focus, our decision-making and our evaluation of success.”

Independence Media is continuing work on a strategic plan that will guide the transition to a foundation.


Click here to read the full Press Release

Thank You for Donating

Thank you for your support of Independence Media, home of MiND TV and other broadcast services.

While we are grateful for every donation, at this time we are no longer accepting charitable giving from our community.

In this calendar year, Independence Media will terminate its broadcast, cable, and satellite television services. Independence Media has broadcast on channel 35 since 1990 and has operated the MiND brand since 2008. Independence Media intends to develop a strategic plan to guide its future activities as a reinvented 501(c)3 organization. Work on this plan will begin immediately. 

It has been a privilege to present independent, minority related and international programs to the Philadelphia region. Independence Media will always work to connect communities, promote diversity, and encourage understanding.

We greatly appreciate your support over the years. Please continue to support the independent media outlets that still serve your community.

Independence Media – Relinquishing WYBE

Independence Media will receive a one-time payment of $131.5 million from the FCC in exchange for the WYBE license. As part of the Broadcast Incentive Auction, the FCC is purchasing licenses from broadcasters to make spectrum available for wireless broadband use.

Independence Media will terminate its broadcast, cable, and satellite television services after the FCC distributes the proceeds to television stations across the country. Independence Media broadcasts on channel 35 and operates on cable systems as MiND.  Independence Media, a nonprofit corporation, will remain in operation.

For more from Independence media, please see the PRESS RELEASE.

And for more comments from Independence Media, see the article from