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Best of MiND

Some examples of our favorite MiND programs:

Bring Us the World:
Stories about life in every corner of the planet.
MiND in Our Community:
African_safari_654African Safari by Independence Mediaremmember-river_2455-1Remember The River by the Delaware Riverkeeper Network
china-1167China: Calligraphy Master by Independence Mediababette-1274Babette Josephs: Causing Trouble (The Good Kind) by Independence Media
green_mtn_2359-1Green Mountain College Student Farm by Dan Sullivanpromote-liberty-2512-3Promoting Non-Violence Through Liberty by Drexel University
japanese-1387Japanese Architecture by Independence Mediachuck-m-1272Chuck McIlhinney: Serving The District by Independence Media
Documentaries about issues:
Local or global, political or social, use MiND to speak out about necessary change.
Storytelling & History:
What better way to tell a story? Sound, images, interviews, graphics bring ideas and history to life.
alls-wll-2301-1All’s Well That Ends Well by Media Mobilizing Projectlubin-78Sigmund Lubin: Lubinville, PA by Independence Media
solving-global-2461-1Solving Global Warming with Great Green Jobs by Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture)allison-b-924Alison Bechdel – Creating “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic” by Independence Media
bike-velib-1670Philadelphia Stories 7: Philadelphia’s Velib’ by Independence Mediaalice-stokes-2093-11Alice Stokes Paul: The Woman’s Sufferage Movement’by Kathryn Morrison
end-silence-2202-2End the Silence by Institute on Disabilities – Temple UniversitygambrelGrowing Up Gambrel by Independence Media
in-their-boots-1284In Their Boots: Angie’s Story by Independence Mediafinkel-1467Harvey Finkle: Documentary Photographer by Independence Media
Music & Arts:
Not just a performance, but the story behind the song or artist. Not just visual art, but context and commentary.
Lessons / Instruction:
blackthorn-1776-2Blackthorn: Sacred Ground by Independence Mediareading-buds-1751Reading Buddies by Independence Media
alex-olsen-1776-709Alix Olsen – America’s On Sale by Independence Mediabirding-584Backyard Birding by Independence Media
diane-monroe2203-2Diane Monroe – Violinist by Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tourdiscover rreiki-2330-3Discover Reiki Natural Healing by Djuna Wojton
erin-mckeown-1702Erin McKeown: Roade Island Is Famous for You by Independence Mediafiddler-265Fiddler: Overdubbing by Independence Media
gerald-veasley-1776-38Gerald Veasley – Algeria by Independence Media
kristin-1776-838Kristin Haddad: Artist Portfolio by Independence Media
leana-1776-98Leana Song by Independence Media
Not everything on MiND fits neatly into a category. But everything on MiND shares one key idea: when we watch, we want to learn something.
every-drop-2561-1Every Little Drop Counts by Jonathan Clifton
explorer1-1335Explorer 1: JPL and the Beginnings of the Space Age by Independence Media
friends-mukisa-2267-3Friends of Mukisa by Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School
gov-easy-1075Government Made Easy: Electoral College by Independence Media
kimberton-2521-2Kimberton Whole Foods: Eating Organic by Kimberton Whole Foods