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About MiND

ID_foldingMiND: Media Independence offers a fresh approach to public media.

The unique MiND program format features hundreds of original five-minute programs. Generally, these programs provide a wide range of learning opportunities. We focus on social issues, global citizenship, community building, and other important stories. Many of these programs have been produced by, or in partnership with community members. On television, the MiND format fills about half of our weekly program schedule. The remaining hours are filled with fund-raising specials (common to all public television stations), as well as international and alternative news. Democracy Now! is an especially popular daily series.

We are especially proud of our work in training the community to produce original programming. Our MiND Production Boot Camps have been attended by over 1,000 people. Over 300 students have served as interns at MiND.

MiND: Media Independence is a brand owned and operated by Independence Media; both are d/b/a names for Independence Public Media of Philadelphia, Inc. The company is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We own the license for broadcast channel 35 in the Philadelphia and South Jersey DMA. Channel 35 is WYBE and broadcasts these standard definition channels:

  • 35.1 – MiND, plus news and specials
  • 35.3 – France24 (public television from France, in English)
  • 35.4 – RT (public television from Russia, in English)

Each of these channels is seen on broadcast and cable television throughout the coverage area. For more about each of these channels, including program schedules and satellite availability, please visit our Channels page.

MiND’s signal covers over 9 million households and nearly 20 million people from northern New Jersey to northern Maryland.