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WYBE TX Restored

The WYBE transmission was restored by the diligent engineering expertise! At 1 PM on Thursday 11/2 the outage was ended and channels were transmitting with 100% power.

Please be advised that today is still a termination date for select services.

35.1 MiND: Media Independence continues to air international documentaries, news, kids and more on the primary channel, MiND TV.

35.2 NHK is on NJTV. Please check your local listings to see if you get NJTV, Ch 23

35.3 France 24 was picked up by WLVT. Again, please check your listings to see if you get WLVT services in your area.

35.4 RT is no longer available on broadcast, but streams on the internet.

Thanks to all our viewers and supporters who have reached out in the past weeks to make sure we know how special this programming is for the community.