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More on MiND

MiND TV has been around for 5+ years and in that time many have commented on the unique programming and the new approach to community engagement. Here are 2 articles that feature MiND TV.

Rob_headshotRob Patterson: Innovation – Found on the edge

…No TV station is more on the edge than MindTV.

It is not a PBS affiliate. It broadcasts a stream of 5 minute shows mainly made by the public. It is both on air and on the web.Its staff is very young – with 2 honorable exceptions. There is no union. The staff have their own voice in a way that I have never seen anywhere before in media or ANY other place of work. It was not only a novel TV station – it was a novel organization. It was what a 2.0 organization would be like. 2.0 inside and outside. How on the edge could that be? (continue reading)

ncme_2National Center for Media Engagement: Philadelphia’s MiND Models New Way to Engage with Community, Partners

MiND: Media Independence is one of the nation’s smallest public television stations, yet it serves the largest coverage area–from southern Connecticut to northern Maryland. It does so with a unique approach that takes full advantage of media 2.0. MiND is the creator, curator, and distributor of short stories with a local and a global focus. (continue reading)